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Palestinian Ceramic Dinner Set

215.00 $

This dinner sets mesmerizing pattern and bold colors is hand crafted to be the star of any dinner party. The set comes with 4 bowls, 4 plates, one large serving bowl, and one medium flat serving dish. This set comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

Palestinian Ceramic Breakfast Set

120.00 $

Complete your traditional Palestinian breakfast with this vibrant ceramic breakfast set. Each dish provides a perfect home for your labaneh, zeit and zaatar, or your pickles and olives. Included are 3 small tapas bowls, 3 small rectangular bowls, 1 small bowl with handle, and 1 small olive oval bowl.

Palestinian Ceramic Coffee Set With Serving Plate

107.00 $

Your Arabic coffee will feel right at home with this coffee set. Carefully painted with an intricate design familiar to every Palestinian, this set easily becomes the topic of every conversation. Set is available with or without the serving plate.

Included: 6 ceramic small coffee mugs, 1 coffee pitcher and 1 big ceramic plate.

Traditional Arabic Coffee Palestinian Ceramic Set With Serving Plate

90.00 $

Whether it’s out on display or used to serve, this set makes a statement. Unlike the second coffee set on this site, these cups don’t have handles, just as traditional Arabic coffee makers intended.

Set includes: 6 ceramic arabic coffee cups, 1 big ceramic plate,  1 coffee pitcher.